READY WOMEN for new employments Project aimed to improve employment opportunities of women with disabilities celebrated the 4th transnational project coordination meeting

• COCEMFE Sevilla and partner organisations: EUROKOM, Istituto dei sordi di Torino, University of Bari di Aldo Moro in Italy, Ecological Future Education in Latvia, ERFC in Greece, EYES Association in Bulgaria, PREVIFORM in Portugal and SEADDER and the Istanbul Gelisim University in Turkey, met in January, 13rd -14th 2021 to manage the implementation of READY WOMEN project.

• Objective of this initiative is the social inclusion of women with disabilities through the improvement of their labour opportunities at New Yields of employment in the EU regions participating in the project.

Seville, 14th January 2021

On January 13 and 14, the 4th transnational coordination meeting of the Ready Women for New Employments program was hold virtually. The main aim of the project is to train women with disabilities on the appropriate professional skills and TIC and communication competencies as well as Soft Skills. Through this innovative training initiative participant women in the project will improve their opportunities at new labour market.

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EU-RUDISNET Project aimed to improve social inclusion of people with disabilities in rural areas, celebrates its 1st Transnational project coordination meeting.

• COCEMFE Sevilla together with the entities OZARA d.o.o. from Slovenia, Consorzio SGS from Italy, LEB e. V. from Germany, BETI from Lithuania and Gelisim University in Istanbul, Turkey, met on January 11-12, 2021 to coordinate the EU-RUDISNET program.

• The objective of the initiative is the social inclusion of people with disabilities in rural areas of the EU

Seville, January 12, 2021

On January 11 and 12, 2021, the First Transnational project Coordination Meeting of the Network for the social inclusion of people with disabilities in rural areas of the European Union EU-RUDISNET program, took place.

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COCEMFE Sevilla started the activities of the SEED Project - Sharing experiences against exclusion and discrimination

A project co-financed by the Erasmus + program of the European Union

Seville, November 18, 2020 (COCEMFE Sevilla)

Last Friday, November 13, 2020, European projects staff in Cocemfe Seville attended an online meeting to coordinate the project, in which the program was launched and the dissemination activities and preparation of transnational training meetings began.

The aim of the SEED project is to exchange best practices and reach conclusions on ways to change the perception of disability in young people to improve their integration in school or at work after finishing their studies.

The work will focus on comparing the methods and organizations that best achieve these objectives and on drawing up common conclusions based on a study with the interested parties.

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"I want to be listened to in order to achieve my goals"

"I am alive to fight every day and feel useful and happy"

María del Carmen Cisneros Pinazo, a woman with a disability, shows the illusion in her eyes when she tells us about her dreams and the pursuit of her goals to fulfill. The interview is part of the Ready Women program, co-financed by Erasmus + of the European Union.

10/09/2020 (COCEMFE Seville)

The Provincial Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities of Seville (COCEMFE Seville) had the opportunity of interviewing to Carmen Cisneros, 40 years old, with a 79% cerebral palsy caused by a lack of oxygen during birth. A fighter woman, tireless and constant in the pursuit of her own achievements, those that she wants, not those that anyone else wants. In this interview we have learned about Carmen's life of self-improvement.

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